Times when parenting is tough.

We all have those moments when we just think how tough is this parenting gig? It is by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. Crazily enough having a family is also my absolute favourite thing in the world. But I can’t be the only one feeling like this at times…

  1. The consistent nails on chalk board noise of your children squabbling over the most ridiculous of things. For example, an empty raisin packet, one of 6 dolls, who can get to the car the fastest, who gets to turn the tap off. I could go on forever. This noise in the background over long periods of time is one way to score your ticket to crazy town.
  2. Which brings me to number 2, the monumental meltdowns. The colour of my plate doesn’t match my cup, one of my weetbix is broken in half, I want to wear my denim mini shorts on a negative 3 day. Mum won’t let me eat 7 bananas in one day, I’m not allowed to ride my bike in the middle of the road along the white lines, I didn’t want my sandwich cut like I liked it yesterday, I can’t believe you fed the cat without me. Some of these things are enough to cause literally the biggest meltdown Mary moments you have ever seen. Some days I could honestly cry as well.
  3. Your children can keep you up literally all night, and you are exhausted. You then get to lay them down for naps the next day to refresh themselves while you walk around like you’ve had a hard night on the jelly shots. They wake up with energy to burn and then terrorise you all afternoon. These times are tough and those eye bags aren’t going to resolve for a few years yet. Sometimes I think I am so tired I just want to cry. But I can’t cry because I am too tired for that.
  4. Kids can be so selfish. Oliver goes to Kindy one day and tells the teacher “Oh yeah I could not sleep alllll night because my mum just snores and snores real loud”. Oh you cutie patooty…Here’s an idea mate how about you stop coming into my bed at night then and we can all have a good sleep?
  5. Kids have no idea about when shits getting serious. On the phone to the bank… “Muuuuum Evie took Rowan’s nappy off and there is a poo!!” Important paperwork…It is now time to be that crazy man off Art Attack and get the ole’ scissors and felts out. But I have to say, Oliver si slowly becoming more observant. The other day Oliver comes home and says “Mum, Evie is making me really frustrated…Like when you have the trailer on at the dump and its really busy and you have to go backwards”
  6. When ‘play’ is actually exhausting. Don’t get me wrong I love a good play but sometimes it can be a bit of a labour. At the moment Oliver is right into his role play and imaginative play which is great and we are obviously encouraging. But I am going to be honest and say it is seriously wearing me down. One minute I am Sam, the next I am Gracie, now I am a brother and then the Mummy. Then he gets all sassy if I can’t keep up, like sorry about it. I forgot that i am now Stevens cousin Marcus once removed and I’m eating a fake hamburger with my pet Kitten Gracie. To be completely honest with you I don’t even know who I am anymore? Like I am having a personal identity crisis.
  7. You have to be pretty selfless when you are a parent but you are also only human and sometimes you just think is anything sacred? Splashed out on a $20 pair of sunnies that got smashed into a thousand pieces within days. Lovely new moisturiser, smeared all over the mirror. Not only have they raped and pillaged all of my possessions, left my body in ruins but I’m also fairly sure one hemisphere of my brain is still lagging a little.

Anyway, no one likes a whinger but I have had my vent  now and I can move on and enjoy the thousands of positives. All I’m trying to get across is that the more children you have the closer you come to understanding Britney’s 2007 mental breakdown..

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